Chris Jacobs

Just a note to let you know that the past two days attending the Solomon School were the best use of money and time I have ever spent at an industry meeting in my 29 years in the business!
I learned applications and systems that will allow me to hit the ground running tomorrow.  From sales strategies, to technical knowledge, to an incredible referral gathering process, you were able to pack it all in to just  two days.
Your knowledge and sense of humor are incredible.  Thanks for sharing.  I really felt like you poured out everything you had to give and more.
I know with confidence that, equipped with these new strategies, tactics, and tools, 2013 will be a banner year.  It feels like a whole new career path has been opened to me.
There is a line from a 1980’s song that sums it all up,
“The Future’s so Bright I gotta wear Shades”!!!!