Who We Are

TheSolomonSchool’s roots can be traced back to 1977 when Joel Solomon entered the financial services world with Connecticut General. Fast forward to 2005,
Mr. Solomon began offering a national certification program in the PRS PLAN.
Over 3,500 Financial Advisors to date have flown in from around the nation
for Mr. Solomon’s 2 1/2 day intensive training program.

Mr. Solomon has lectured nationwide and has also shared his 39 plus years of experience with the sales forces of national financial services firms as well as their sales management and has been a main platform speaker at many of the industry’s top national gatherings like the Forum’s national gathering. Mr. Solomon also has spoken on the main stage to Tony Robbin’s Platinum Partners in Fiji.

Today, TheSolomonSchool and TheRoadmapUniversities offer 2 1/2 day intensive training programs in Southern California as well as in Las Vegas and other locations throughout the year.  Please contact TheSolomonSchool at (949) 544-2500 for more information.

And please register online to become a member of TheSolomonSchool and gain access to our intellectual capital.