TheSolomonSchool Profile

Today, many financial advisors find themselves watching their business plateau in a touch-and-go economy. If your business could use a boost in morale, sales, or productivity, TheSolomonSchool may be just the fuel your business needs!

Before registering for TheSolomonSchool ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is working in my business?
  • What isn’t working in my business?

The most common complaint from financial professionals is that they lack an inventory of qualified, referred prospects. In other words, many financial professionals are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring instead of dipping into a pool of top-quality prospects.

Opportunities in the retirement planning marketplace are growing while opportunities in the the estate planning market are shrinking.  The presentations that worked for estate planning now seem as outdated as a game of Pong. Today, presentations are multimedia, sensory experiences aimed at engaging and enticing the client.

Financial advisors are constantly trying to find the right approach on how to penetrate the retirement marketplace and capitalize on the most appropriate planning products.

TheSolomonSchool takes the guesswork out of finding prospective clients. TheSolomonSchool will provide your business with the tools to:

  • Have a steady monthly supply of 10+ prospective clients who are referred to you
  • Create three perfect approaches that utilize a dynamic, interactive system to motivate prospects to work with you
  • Motivate 70 percent of new prospects to work with you
  • Ensure that no less than 50 percent of your prospects that work with you, actually purchase financial products from you
  • Obtain no less than 10 high quality referrals in writing from each current client and new client you work with

In four to five months after attending TheSolomonSchool you can expect:

  • Three to five new clients who buy financial products from you on a monthly basis
  • Obtain no less than 40 highly qualified referrals each month
  • Create more consistent and substantial monthly cash flow
  • To be firing on every cylinder in the sales cycle every week