About Our Firm

TheSolomonSchool and PRS are located in Irvine, California. PRS owns the intellectual properties known as the RetirementPathRoadmap™ and the PRS Plan.

We offer training to financial professionals in how to grow their practice by utilizing cutting edge software and presentation systems including but not limited to the RetirementPathRoadmap™ for use with financial advisors’ retirement and legacy planning clients.

Joel Solomon, ChFC has trained almost 3,000 financial advisors over the last seven years ranging from those with under five years of experience to almost 40 years in the financial services industry. Mr. Solomon believes that no matter where you are in your business, you can always use a little skill sharpening.

Once trained and licensed, we provide ongoing training in the areas of quantitative retirement planning and asset sequencing, legacy planning along with a better understanding of the long term performances of certain market indices and how today’s leading edge financial products can be utilized in constructing a real time retirement plan for clients.

The road to retirement security. Ask yourself: is it a long and winding road or can you provide a real RetirementPathRoadmap™ that provides both pre/post retirement detailed forecasting and asset sequencing allowing clients to live the way they want to live for the rest of their lives?

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