Lack of IUL Product Knowledge

The more you know about IUL, and for that matter other life insurance products, the better. TheSolomonSchool has a major focus on understanding IUL. Some of the topics covered are:

  • How IUL can outperform a mix of alternative investments at                                 an assumed after tax rate of return
  • Embracing IUL policy charges
  • How index interest crediting works between the allocation options
  • How to allocate the right amount into the fixed account for policy charges
  • What is the difference in retirement income from IUL when you allocate 20/80%, 30/70% between the fixed and index accounts and under differing interest rate assumptions?
  • How do you build a solid approach with the client as to expectations                  on policy performance?
  • And what about the insurance companies’ interest crediting ceilings,           current practices and guarantees?

To become an expert attending TheSolomonSchool is an absolute must.