Lack of Highly Qualified Prospects

Want to increase revenue by 30 percent? TheSolomonSchool will show you how.

Your clients respect you for your professional advice…you advise them, they trust you, and you work hard to maintain a successful working relationship. Your clients want to refer you to other successful professionals, executives, and business owners.

By attending TheSolomonSchool you will learn the techniques and wordsmithing that will open the door so that each of your current clients refer you to at least 10 highly qualified prospects.  

Let’s assume that you have 10 current clients who highly respect you and that they each refer you to 10 people: this totals 100 new highly qualified prospects!

What if 70 percent of those referrals wanted to see you? What if 50 percent of those referrals wanted to work with you, who in turn refer you to an additional 10 highly qualified prospects who also wanted to then see you?

TheSolomonSchool will teach you how to maintain a constantly flowing stream of high quality prospects. And we guarantee the majority of these prospects will turn into high quality clients.

Perhaps you don’t believe that this will happen by attending TheSolomonSchool. Click here to hear Mike James, President of Partners Financial interviewing Ben Kronish on how he went from an inventory of zero to 140 qualified referrals in less than 90 days after attending TheSolomonSchool.