What Holds You Back?

As human beings it’s hard to break free of old habits. TheSolomonSchool teaches you how to replace bad habits with new practices guaranteed to increase your productivity.

First, can you commit to retraining yourself for 30 minutes a day, two days a week?  The combination of TheSolomonSchool training and your commitment to changing the nature of your business practices will increase your growth by 30 percent! Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

  • Stop waiting for your phone to ring with referrals from tax advisors.
  • Never hear: “This looks great, let me think about it” ever again from a client.
  • Learn how your clients will follow your advice vs your trying to “sell them”
  • Don’t have a constant monthly flow of 10 high quality referrals? Click here to hear Partners Financial’s SVP of Sales Mike James interview Ben Kronish as Ben describes how he obtained over 140 quality written referrals from current clients where he had zero inventory before attending TheSolomonSchool!

Are you really ready to take your practice to its pinnacle?  If the answer is yes, then don’t hesitate to register for TheSolomonSchool two-day training program. Call us at 949.544.2500.