Building Your Business Plan

Almost all the financial advisors Mr. Solomon has worked with over the years DID NOT have a business plan that they can follow each week to drive results. By attending TheSolomonSchool, you will build your business plan!

How many prospects must you see from each piece of your business based upon your closing ratios to generate the revenue you seek? What is your closing ratio of clients seen to cases sold? Bet you don’t really know!

What is the average size of your retirement planning cases? Your estate planning cases? Your family income needs sales tied to widow income? How many prospects did you actually see last quarter?

So let’s be honest with yourself…if you are like most everyone in our business, you don’t really know these answers. That is like asking a pilot to take off from New York with Los Angeles as the final destination but all the pilot does is point the plane westerly!

Businesses don’t operate efficiently without a detailed plan of attack and daily/weekly/monthly monitoring. You monitor to make adjustments to assure you are on the proper trajectory. And what do you know: you then maximize the probability of actually reaching EXACTLY where you want to go.

Now Mr. Solomon can assist it your regaining complete control over your financial services practice whether you are new to the business or a 30 year veteran. Read some of the testimonials. Register to access more on our website.