Tax Qualified Plans

Up front tax deductions; tax deferred growth but taxable distributions. Did you ever really stop and analyze how much capital must be accumulated in a tax qualified plan to provide a certain AFTER TAX retirement income goal adjusted for inflation?

Take a look at the chart that is created by TheRetirementPathRoadmap software/presentation system. In this example, a 45 year old has a $ 100,000 retirement income goal adjusted for 3% inflation that is to begin at age 66 and last thru age 85. He assumes that he can earn 6.5% on plan assets. Would you believe he must accumulate    $ 3,537,381in that plan by age 65!

Learn about all the new plans and how to maximize contributions for the key people. But how much should a client contribute? How do you marry these plans with non-tax qualified plans and Indexed Universal Life? TheSolomonSchool delivers the answers.