Financial Institutions & Marketing Organizations

We offer training, motivation and business building skill sets to the financial services industry. Years ago, training was a staple. New financial advisors/brokers/insurance professionals were entering the business and financial institutions including but not limited to brokerage firms and life insurance companies actually trained and invested large amounts of capital into the development of advisors.

Today, in an ever changing marketplace and compliance environment, many financial service professionals lack the tool set that take their practices to places they’ve never been or where they were when ‘low hanging fruit’ was plentiful.

So what can TheSolomonSchool and Mr. Solomon deliver? Guaranteed increased sales results! First, understand the unique training Mr. Solomon had. First, he was trained in the retirement, investment and estate planning market spaces by Connecticut General considered at the time the best training platform in the industry. Mr. Solomon ascended to the leading Manager Candidate by the time he was 25. Mr. Solomon then become the General Agent for Home Life responsible for all of South Florida.

Then, in 1982, at the age of 28, Mr. Solomon is asked to move to Washington DC to become the associate manager in the Wallace Agency considered at that time to be the quintessential financial services operation in the country. Mr. Wallace went on to become the 2nd inductee into the GAMA Hall of Fame. Mr. Solomon mentored under Mr. Wallace for about 1 year gaining a wide range of financial services business management knowledge which to this day serves as the foundation to help financial service professionals gain understanding of where they are in their business, what holds them back and what are the variables that they control which can accelerate growth in their practices.

Then layer on years of Wilson Counselor Selling along with Mr. Solomon’s private practice experience working with CFOs of Fortune 1000 type companies and thousands of individual clients. Mr. Solomon teaches the basic building blocks all over again…going back into the trenches…because this is where a reinvigoration process begins. Master the basics…understand what you must do each day…and how you can reach the pinnacle of your practice by also learning sales techniques, wordsmithing, prospecting and referral gathering ideas that have delivered results over the years.

Mr. Solomon is available to provide services on a daily fee or project basis. Please contact him at 949.544.2500 to discuss your organization’s current challenges and goals.