TheSolomonSchool Curriculum

TheSolomonSchool is a two day interactive, intensive experience for financial professionals who want to grow their business and take stock of where they are and where they want to go. TheSchool is broken down into sections as follows:

  • Understanding where you really are in your practice
  • Building your unique business plan
  • What variables both inside and outside of your control affect overall results?
  • The Markets
    • The history of the S&P along with its past performance
    • How does riding the market compare to an indexing strategy?
    • What have we learned from Japan?
    • What are the ranges of expectations going forward?
  • Quantitative Retirement Planning
    • How much capital does one really need at retirement to live                            the way one wants to live for the rest of his life?
    • What are the effects of investment earnings and longevity                                   on the amount of capital required at retirement?
    • What about taxation?
  • Where and how should tax qualified plans be utilized?
  • Is there a tax trap here?
    • How can Indexed Universal Life be utilized in meeting                                        the Retirement Capital Deficiency?
  • The RetirementPathRoadmap™ software package
    • Learn how to use this exciting planning tool to quantify                                        the client’s retirement picture
  • Premature Death
    • How much capital does a family really need                                                            if the breadwinner(s) die too young?
    • We’ll show you how to use our Widow Income Calculator tool
  • College Funding
    • What will college cost in the future and are you really on track to funding it? How much more must be saved annually? Our College Cost Funding Calculator shows you and your clients the path.
  • Legacy Planning
    • The 0 Estate Tax Plan
    • Gifting and loaning to Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT)
    • Pros/Cons of when to take the gifting vs loaning approach
    • Which life insurance products can be utilized as a stand alone or in conjunction with each other to provide attractive Internal Rates of Return at Death but which also provide for the living needs of the trust beneficiaries while the grantor is alive? We’ll explore the pros/cons and when to use each of these approaches.

There is much more that we offer at TheSolomonSchool. Please contact us at 949.544.2500 and take a moment to register so that you can gain deeper access to the intellectual capital shared on this website.