Software Systems

Over the last 7 years, we found that many financial service professionals not only lacked the tools necessary to crunch numbers EASILY but they also did not have very compelling and interesting multi-media sales presentations. These sales presentations were almost entirely static…spreadsheets, illustrations and word documents.

So we invested millions of dollars and thousands of man hours developing a library of easy to use (Dummied) and dynamic PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. We offer the RetirementPathRoadmap, College Education Calculator, Widow Income Calculator and several other number crunching tools. As to PowerPoints and Keynote presentations, once you register, you’ll be able to see for yourself the extensive library and the stories they tell.

All are designed to prompt you with what to say and result in the client both listening to and watching exactly what YOU want them to. You’ll experience improved closing ratios, satisfied raving fan clients and many new referrals.