TheSolomonSchool Tuition

Tuition for TheSolomonSchool is $ 2,500. We provide an extremely strong guarantee  as follows:

Our guarantee: If you do not agree that immediately after attending TheSolomonSchool that it was the best professional learning experience of your career, simply send an email that says “refund” and the tuition paid will be immediately refunded—no questions asked. When was the last time that ANYONE provided you with that type of assurance on any investment of capital or expense you were about to incur?

When you look at the after tax cost of the tuition and the unconditional guarantee TheSolomonSchool offers, there is virtually NO RISK on your part! If you follow our teaching, your revenue will increase by at least 30% over the ensuing 12 months. You’ll have a steady monthly supply of at least 10 high quality referrals who will want to see you! What would that mean for your practice?

But YOU have to be ready to make this investment in yourself. And frankly we only want to work with those who are willing to be honest with themselves about what is and what is not working in their practice and who are committed to reaching the pinnacle of their practice’s potential.

So if that sounds like you, register for the next SolomonSchool. If you’d like to schedule time to speak personally with Mr. Solomon, contact Angela Gerber at 949.544.2500 to schedule it. And last, take another close look at Mr. Solomon’s video on the landing page of our website…watch carefully…and listen attentively as the 5 minute video says everything you need to know about EXACTLY what you can expect by attending the next SolomonSchool.