College Funding

We offer an exciting planning tool that guides a client thru the maze of what college will cost in the future based upon certain assumptions and whether or not the client is on track to accumulating the capital required when the child begins his/her college career.

The program simply guides a client thru the maze of questions:

  1. what will college cost in the future when taking into account inflation?
  2. how much capital will be needed when the child reaches age 18?
  3. does the client seem to have enough capital today when combined with annual savings to have that targeted capital on hand?
  4. and if not, how much must he save annually between now and when college begins to meet the college funding goal?
You’ll learn how to input the few variables and then watch the Excel Spreadsheet create the output (see below) that the client will value. Contact us at (949) 544-2500 or register online to become a member of TheSolomonSchool and gain access to our intellectual capital.