Every time we hear someone use a word or a phrase in a compelling, impactful manner, we incorporate it into our coaching/ training. Words are power…connecting them is the key to the kingdom of more sales/ more referrals/ more profit/ more fun!

What we are going to do today is…so with that in mind… the cost to you of not making this change is much greater than…

Many who have been coached by Mr. Solomon and/or attended TheSolomonSchool or the Masters Program have become very proficient at ulizing just the right word or phrase… at just the right time…and their increased productivity has been the result.

You too have access to 38 years of Mr. Solomon’s experience which includes listening to thousands of our country’s best offer their powerphrasing ideas…take advantage of these tools available to you by arranging a coaching session with Mr. Solomon…Contact us at (949) 544-2500.