Psychology of the Sale

What are the client’s goals? What really will motivate the client to accept your recommendations and move forward? Mr. Solomon’s 38 years of experience working with over 3000 corporate and individual clients may be just the difference.

You must establish relevancy and credibility. The client must see you the financial servicers professional as a credible planner/advisor…. NOT AS A SALESMAN!

The key is helping the client understand the implications of his negative present while preserving his self-esteem. It must be proven to the client that the cost of staying the same is too high not to change.

This all begins with having ‘diagnostic ears’… really hearing what the client is telling you and when you do, clients will want to tell your more, give you access, and invite you deeper into their world. You will then develop more compelling solutions to their problems once Mr. Solomon shares these secrets thru his coaching.

You will learn how to stop ‘telling them’ and begin collaborating with them on solutions that don’t need to be sold. The ideal solution will be developed together with the client who then purchases the “perfect” solution that he decides is “doable”.

The expectations are established in the beginning of the relationship and each meeting. You will experience increased productivity and higher profits. Take your practice to its pinnacle by investing in Mr. Solomon’s coaching which will deliver guaranteed results.

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